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Art Quilts by Norma Jeanne DeHaven
Norma Jeanne DeHaven
Quilting has been a part of my life since 1984, starting as most do, with the basic blocks and patterns published for decades. I worked in the watercolor medium for many years, and loved the fluidity that this allowed, the unexpected way in which colors would react to water, salt and each other. But fabric - with its tactile rewards - is the medium to which I am now thoroughly addicted. I have found an excitement in the expression of thoughts and feelings through a palate of batik and hand dyed material. Most of my work falls into three areas: people, abstracts and nature. I think this is representative of the various sides to my personality. I love to be with family & friends, laughing and enjoying those relationships; I love to contemplate the flow of life, and I love to be around plants & animals!

I enjoy working with people on commissioned work, as sometimes their color palate is not one I would normally use, and it stretches me as an artist to come up with something that we are both pleased with. I know a piece has turned out well when I stand back and look at it on the design wall and smile - and know it has turned out especially well if the first reaction by those seeing it is “wow!”

Influences: I love the intensity of a Picasso, the color and feeling of a Gauguin; the texture of a Van Gogh, and the lines of Klee and Miro. In addition, many nationally known fiber artists have been extremely valuable to my growth in this medium, either directly or through their work - Cynthia England, Hollis Chatelain, Ricky Timms, Robbi Joy Eklow & Melody Johnson. Madison area artists Sue Gilgen, Pat Kroth, Jana Mirs and Leslie Genzler and all those in the Madison Area Fiber Artists have been integral in my development as well.
“America: From the Heart”, Karey Bresenhan, May 2002 -
The Trinity (sold at silent auction for the benefit of the children of the 9-11 firefighters)
What Color is the Soul (included in a traveling exhibit of selected quilts)

“Picture Piecing”, Cynthia England, September 2002 -
Influences II: Gauguin
Jazzer’s: An American Diversity
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue?
Caring for your Quilt
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